Medication Compliance Packaging

medicine-packagingOur medication compliance packaging system (bubble packing) is designed to eliminate confusion and help you to keep track of your prescriptions. Your medications are organized into 4 different time slots and placed into either a blister card or a reusable container. Each device can hold a seven day supply of medications. You no longer need to worry about what medications to take when or even if you took your medications. If you do not remember taking a dose simply check your card or device to see if you have missed any doses.

We coordinate your meds. Bubble packs can be filled on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Home delivery is available. For more information on bubble-packing, call Mary at 509-334-6506.


What are some of the limitations of bubble packing?
This system is ideal for tablets and capsules that need to be taken on a regular basis. Medications that are to be taken on an as-needed basis, liquids, or items that require refrigeration would be packaged separately.

Who can benefit from bubble-packing?
If you or a family member are on multiple medications and/or have difficulty remembering what medications to take when, this can make taking and tracking medication easier. Specifically, people on a complicated medication regimen (4 or more medications), patients with memory problems or visual impairment and people who are under the care of a caregiver would benefit from medication compliance packaging.

Is there a service charge?
The bubble-packing fee is $18/month. Does insurance pay for it? It is not covered by most insurance companies, but Washington Medicaid does cover the fee in certain situations.

How do I get myself or family member set up on bubble-packing?
We will need a copy of the prescription insurance card, a credit card to keep on file for medication co-pays and bubble pack fees any instructions from the patient or doctor on when the medication is being taken. Call Mary at 334-6506 to set up a filling and delivery schedule.


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