Prescription Medications

prescriptions-drive-upSid’s Pharmacy is here to meet all your prescription medication needs. You can request refills by phone, on our website, or with our smartphone app. Our goal is to fill all walk-in prescriptions within 15 minutes and refill phone and on-line requests within one hour.

All refills must be authorized by the doctor at least once per year. The label on your prescription bottle will tell you if you have refills remaining and indicate when the prescription expires. If your prescription has expired or is out of refills, please call 3 business days in advance so we have time to contact your physician for a refill authorization.

A few medications are tightly controlled and require a new signed prescription each time. These are most often pain medications. For these medications, we cannot get authorization from your doctor by fax or phone. You must bring the pharmacy an original, signed copy of the prescription for each fill.


Why can’t I get a 90 day supply of my medication?
In order to fill a prescription for 90 days, the physician must write the prescription for that quantity. Contact your physician and let him/her know you would like a 90 day supply. In some cases the insurance company will not allow us to fill more than a 30 day supply.

How much will my prescription cost?
Giving you a price is not as easy as reading a price sticker. If you have insurance, we will need to input the full prescription information into the computer to find out your co-pay. If you do not have insurance, we will do our best to give you the lowest possible price.

Why does it sometimes take so long to get my prescription filled?
Our goal is to accurately fill your prescription within 15 minutes. The wait time may be longer if we have not yet received the prescription from the physician; your insurance denies the claim and we need to contact them; if the prescription instructions are unclear and we need to contact the physician for clarification; or we are experiencing a high volume of prescription requests and there are other customers ahead of you. We will keep you updated if there are any problems which may prevent us from filling your prescription in a timely manner.